TailwindCSS with CSS variables


TailwindCSS allows us to use pre-defined classes instead of defining our CSS styles. In this article…

How to use Storybooks with MDX


This article (sort of) continues on from my previous article How to use Storybooks, Gatsby, Babel…

How to use Gitlab CI, Pytest and docker-compose together


On a recent project, I was working on, I wanted to test my web service using docker-compose where I…

Testing & Mocking a Connexion/Flask Application with Pytest


In this article, I will show you how you can test a Python web service that was built using…

An example React Native Project Structure


In this article, I will go over an example project structure you can use for your React Native…

DinD with Gitlab CI


Like most developers, we want to be able to automate as many and as much of processes as possible…

Better Imports with Typescript Aliases, Babel and TSPath


In this article, I will explain how you can use typescript aliases with Babel or TSPath. If you have…

Debugging React Native apps in WebStorm and Visual Studio Code


Visual Studio Code and WebStorm are two popular editors for developing React Native/Expo apps. These…

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